From our President & CEO
Life is precious.

Every minute of every day, we need to remind ourselves of the good things in our lives, and be grateful for our many blessings.

Springtime gives us reminders of how life renews itself; we see it in the green plants that come to life after a long winter, we feel it in the warmer air and sunshine, and we notice it on the smiling faces of friends and neighbors.

This is a message that we continually bring to the children and families we work with: that there is always a chance to begin again, to create a new path for your life.

We thank each and every one of you for helping us and our families as we embark on yet another precious journey.

Lisa Jordan President & CEO
Invest in Your Community
We consider each and every gift we receive as an investment in not only our agency, but in your community.

When people are able to create a better life for themselves, it benefits us all.

Click the donate button for an easy and secure way to help the kids and families who receive services from FYSB. Option to use Paypal or Credit Card. Thank You!
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