From our President & CEO
The Family & Youth Services Bureau was founded over forty years ago because all families will eventually experience some difficult situation and often can benefit from an impartial person who can listen and advise.

FYSB staff are prepared to help and do so with a "Strengths Based" approach. What that means is that our staff focuses on the positive qualities the family already posesses and uses those strengths in mind when working through current situations.

Building on a family's positive strengths reminds the family they already have some of the necessary tools for change. After some intervention families can then move forward with new tools and their own strengths. Showing families they have the ability to make positive changes is what we're all about.

Lisa Jordan President & CEO
Invest in Your Community
We consider each and every gift we receive as an investment in not only our agency, but in your community.

When people are able to create a better life for themselves, it benefits us all.

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CASA Program: Advocating for
abused and neglected children
Every day in this country 1,900 children become victims of abuse or neglect, and four of them will die.
Some people may think that Porter County is protected from this type of statistic, but the opposite is true. In 2015 there were 320 children who were referred to our CASA program, over a 90% increase since 2012.
The Court Appointed Special Advocate—also known as the CASA volunteer—is assigned to work with a child who has been abused and/or neglected. After visiting with the child over a period of time, the CASA volunteer prepares a detailed assessment of the case and reports back to the court what is in the best interest of the child.
This program was established in Porter County in 1990 by the Family & Youth Services Bureau. During that time, CASA volunteers have made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of local children who have been neglected or abused.




Since 2012, we have seen over a 90% increase in the number of children referred to the Porter County CASA Program.
CASA volunteers are often the most stable influence in these children’s lives.

Every CASA volunteer receives 33 hours of training before assigned to a case.

Current CASA volunteers in Porter County include educators, law students, employees from IT firms, retirees, and mill workers.

If you have a passion to help local kids, please talk to us about becoming a CASA volunteer.
Training sessions for CASA volunteers
are held throughout the year.
For information about the CASA program or becoming
a CASA volunteer, please contact Cissie Wardell
at 464-9585 or
Your help is needed!