From our President & CEO
As our agency name suggests, we believe family is important and that parental involvement is primary to a child’s feeling of well-being.

Time, experiences and simple conversations are all ways to share in your child’s life and show them you are interested and care. Time is the single most important investment you can make in your child’s future; spend it well.

Because we know it is so important we make it a point to include the family in all of our programing and will continue to support Porter County’s children and their families.

Lisa Jordan President & CEO
Invest in Your Community
We consider each and every gift we receive as an investment in not only our agency, but in your community.

When people are able to create a better life for themselves, it benefits us all.

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Learning Place and Risk Management Programs benefit from Guest Speakers
In October Dawn Finbloom spoke to the parents and youth in the FYSB Learning Place and Risk Management Programs about the Making Good Decisions initiative and the Lifeline Law. Finbloom's presentation focused on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse in teenagers.
Earlier this fall, participants in these two FYSB Programs were treated to a warm and fuzzy visitor named Gibson, who is a local therapy dog. Gibson makes many trips each year to schools, retirement homes and organizations spreading love and comfort. Program participants learned about how the dog was rescued and the benefits of Gibson's many visits to individuals and groups.
For more information about the Learning Place or Risk Management Programs, contact The Family & Youth Services Bureau at 219-464-9585 or
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