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History of Porter County CASA

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The Youth Service Bureau of Porter County, Inc. doing business as the Family & Youth Services Bureau (FYSB), was established over fifty years ago in 1973. The Porter County Chapter of the League of Women Voters and other governmental community leaders recognized the need to create an agency to address the diverse needs of youth within the community.


The Family & Youth Services Bureau was created to offer alternative programs and unique services for youth identified to be at risk or for those whose behavior or circumstances may bring them in contact with the juvenile justice system.  Established as an agency that believes that all people have strengths, are capable of positive change, and that there must be involvement with the whole family, the agency continues to provide an array of prevention and intervention programs and services that encourage and assist youth and families with enhancing their strengths to create new viable paths for their lives. 


The agency’s approach to service provision is one of respect, advocacy, and empowerment of youth to create better outcomes, opportunities, and life circumstances. During its history, FYSB has grown from a staff of one (Dennis Morgan, who was its original founder and President & CEO for over forty years) with a budget of $13,000, to becoming the largest and most comprehensive youth serving organization in Porter County.  The FYSB currently serves over 4,000 clients annually and has grown in size from one location to three agency locations. 


Programs and services have varied throughout FYSB’s history as a result of being driven by the changing needs of the community and have ranged from early intervention & prevention programs to delinquency diversion programs to providing residential and shelter care services. The FYSB participated in an etiological study with Valparaiso University to help determine the needs of the community and regularly assesses and responds to needs through collecting data internally and through partnerships.

The mission of the Family & Youth Services Bureau is to assist youth and families through supportive services that create a positive change for Porter County.


Moreover, the agency will encourage the community to care for all its children.

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