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Parent Enrichment Group

  • 8 one-hour sessions

  • Appointments are scheduled based on client and therapist availability.

  • Each session is tailored to your child's age and situation.

  • Topics include appropriate expectations for each age group, growth and development of your child, how to discipline your child in an age appropriate way, and more.

Co-Parenting Classes

  • 6 one-hour sessions

  • Appointments are scheduled based on counselor and both parents' schedules.

  • Topics include healthy communication, how stress can affect a relationship, focusing on your child rather than the past, and more.

Additional FYSB Programs 

ADD (Alcohol and Drug Defense)

Beyond The Influence Workshop Series


Court Appointed Special Advocates

Healthy Families

Juvenile Detention Center Group Facilitation

Juvenile Justice Services

Mentoring Programs

Strengthening Families Program

Summer Day Camp

Teen Anger Management Group

The Tot Shop

SMART Recovery

Recovery Support Center

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