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Juvenile Justice Servicesi

Family & Youth Services Bureau was established in 1972, and over the years we have worked with many partners to provide specific community services to area residents in need.  Following are three Juvenile Justice Programs currently operating in coordination with Porter County Juvenile Justice Services.


Home Detention Program 

The youth in this program are involved with the Juvenile Justice System by either being on probation or awaiting a court date.  FYSB believes they have a better opportunity to become responsible members of the community if they are able to remain in their own home during this time as opposed to a more restrictive setting.  Our Case Manager is paired with a Probation or Home Detention Officer and visits approximately 300 youth over the year as part of this program.


The Case Manager’s role provides family support, youth advocacy and mentoring; also mediating family issues during home visits, conducting additional visits with youth at school and other settings and providing support as needed.


Day Reporting Program   

The purpose of Day Reporting is to provide a structured therapeutic alternative to juveniles who would otherwise be subject to detention or other restrictive settings. FYSB provides a Social Worker for this program who facilitates therapeutic and skills training intervention. The program's focus is on education and participants work on earning credits though Grad Point, an on-line educational computer program that allows the participants to continue education and receive high school credits, while being absent from the community school.  A main goal of the program is that the 100+ participants make optimal educational progress and earn credits towards attainment a high school diploma or its equivalent. 

Project ATTEND 

The truancy intervention program Project ATTEND (Aiming Toward Truancy Elimination and Non-Attendance Decrease) is a truancy diversion program that is a partnership between the Court, seven Porter County school districts, the Prosecutor's Office, and the Department of Child Services to provide a diversionary process for children and their families when truancy has become an issue.  The FYSB Case Manager addresses truancy problems with the child and family in a team meeting atmosphere at which reasons behind the child's truancy are discussed.  An agreement is made and a case plan is formulated by the FYSB Case Manager to increase school attendance and performance.  Approximately 250 youth are expected to be part of this program.  The intention of the program is to intervene and affect change without the coercive intervention of the Court.

For further information about this program, please contact BeLinda Georgeff 

at 219.464.9585 or

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